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Lose Face Fat - What Causes A Fat Face?

Lose face fat - Sweet temptations

We often associate the person who wants to lose face fat with someone who is overweight. Most of the time, we think of a person with a rotund figure, chubby cheeks and a double chin.

However, that kind of stereo type image might not always be correct. Things are different now.

The truth is, many slim or average size individuals want to lose face fat too.

That’s right, slim and trim people can also developed facial fat and double chin.

This can be due to a genetic disposition. But more likely, it is a result of our modern day lifestyle habits.

Let’s take a look at some of the causes of a ‘fat’ face.

1. Water Retention
You think it’s facial fat. But sometimes, it can be water retention.

Water retention gives you a bloated facial appearance. A high sodium and low fiber diet can easily cause an imbalance of water retention in your body.

Strictly speaking, puffy cheeks are not due to face fat. Many people confused puffy cheeks with chubby cheeks. Knowing the difference will help you eliminate the root cause of looking fat.

2. Lack Of Exercise
The majority of people do not exercise the facial muscles.


Because not that many people know about face exercises.

The face is made up of facial muscles and fat pads. Facial fat usually accumulate in the cheek and chin areas. Without proper exercise, the face can look flabby, with pronounced jowls or a double chin.

3. Incorrect Sleeping Habits
Lack of sleep, too much sleep or erratic sleep patterns can interfere with the body biological clock.

This results in poor metabolism and terrible skin. Instead of burning calories, a sluggish metabolic rate cause the body to store more fat than normal. Your face looks chunky. Some people might develop belly fat even though they are not overweight.

4. Poor Nutrition
Are you eating healthy wholesome foods? Or are you more used to filling up your stomach with junk food?

Highly processed convenience food (eg microwave TV dinner, fast food, canned food) can satisfy your hunger, but are often poor in nutritional value.

A diet that is high in trans-fat, saturated fat, simple carbohydrate and sugar will eventually lead to a weight gain. Often, any weight you put on will also show up in the face.

As mentioned above, face fat is formed due to a combination of factors.

To lose face fat and slim a chunky face, a shift in lifestyle habits can be helpful. It might be difficult to make the changes initially. But I am sure the effort will be well worth it in the long run.

So, eat healthy, sleep right, and exercise your face. Keep these steps in mind, and you are ready to lose face fat anytime you want.

Image Credit: Cillian Storm

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